How We Do it

We immerse ourselves in the “science” of the company we work with. We become familiar with their R&D data, understand how the medicines work, and apply know how to write the regulatory dossiers.

Long-term Relationship

We have a close long-term relationship with our customers. Our employees stay with RLM for a long time which means that our clients will keep the same RLM expert for the duration of the process.

Very Flexible

Our team is very flexible and can adapt to the needs of our client. With RLM, our clients can focus on their product development knowing that we have the regulatory aspects covered.

Innovative Solutions

We always strive to find an innovative solution to our client’s challenges so whenever possible we will be creative in our recommendations and strategic guidance to clients.


discover Our partners

We are lucky to rely on partners who trusted along the years and enabled us to work on numerous regulatory affairs projects.

In Europe we work with 10 partners providing expertise in
pre-clinical testing, first in man requirements, clinical trial design and monitoring, good manufacturing practice, intellectual property, market research, pricing and reimbursement, legal aspects of licensing and shareholders agreements.

Our partner in the US provides support for all interactions with the FDA.